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Why do i Like to Take Photos


Throughout the years my reasons have changed for taking photos, 30 or 40 years ago i wanted to imitate the great photos that i saw in magazines or books, then i got tired of imitating other people when my pictures did not come out like the ones i saw in national geographic,so i started to just take photos of what i found interesting, then i got tired of that to, then i started to take photos of the beautiful landscapes and sunsets, and also got tired of that, at that pace i’ll end up getting tired of everything and will not take any photos at all, so now i am focused on people and sometimes good looking animals, maybe i’ll get tired of that too, but it hasn’t happened yet, so that’s why i take pictures.You could say that;s a very logical answer don’t you think?.
I really have several reasons to take a photo;

  1. When i take a photo of a person, even if they are strangers, the camera and the photo are an excuse to start a conversation, actually, the reason for the photo is the conversation, i really like to talk to people and get to know them.
  2. When i take the photo i know that when i have it on my computer i will discover something i didn’t see before, so the photo helps me see better, that way I am learning to see, and by doing that i am learning to have a richer life and increasing my capacity of awareness.

I really think that a photo without a narrative, especially when people are involved, is not a complete photo, i believe that every photo should have a narrative, at least of where it was taken.And i believe a narrative should be a reflexion of the personality of the photographer, what good is a narrative that sounds and tastes just like if you were reading it a newspaper, you can do that any day, so that is why i believe a photo should be much more that just an image.

For example the photo above of a Snowy Egret.

I found this bird on the Oceanside Ca Pier. He is a very small bird probably no more than 12 inches tall , but i found it to be a very beautiful creature, even better looking than the larger Pelicans that also populate the pier in larger numbers lately,and this little fellow does what all the animals do, their looking for food. One of the fisherman at the pier handed him a piece of fish that he had just caught, and the Egret accepted the offering with elegance, he might be small but he is a very proud bird.After i took this picture and started to leave the scene i noticed that the egret was still there waiting for more free fish, and then the sun hit the little bird in just the right spot, it was like the little bird just like everybody else on the pier turned to face the sun as it set in the horizon to get a better view, that’s when i took the photo.

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