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The Problem with Photography

The Problem with Photography


Photography is part of the visual media.The internet, newspapers, movies, billboards, magazines are all media, in other words, It the way a concept that is in visual form is transmitted from one human to another or to a group”
Your camera captures the image, but the paper or the internet will transport it to the recipient which is the intent. But the content of that visual media has to have a purpose, if not it will not transmit anything, an image is just a copy of reality but a photograph with a message has an impact because it’s an image with a message in it. Now what happens when you go watch a movie 10 days in a row, the same movie? the answer is that it becomes boring because you just saw it and you know what’s going to happen, it’s the same in photography, if you are just reproducing the same photo everybody has seen a thousand times guess what’s going to happen, your audience will get bored of the same thing.
Photography is entertainment just like the movies, just like music or any other media, and you will not be entertaining your audience  until you give them unique, never before seen photos, so take photos of what you have never seen before in photos, this is where your creativity has to wake up and start producing never before seen photos.
It’s really easy to photograph something without putting in an effort to make a unique photo, everybody can do that, but the good photographer will look for the never seen photo.

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