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Photography And Music

There are two types of Musicians, the ones that are very comfortable in reproducing other people’s compositions and the ones that compose music. They both are musicians but the composers are not satisfied in just reproducing what others have created they want to create their own music.
In photography, it’s the same, what type of photographer are you, do you only reproduce what’s out there or do you create your own photos…

Some photographers decide not only to be creative when they push the shutter on their cameras but also in post production on either Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop or both, or they use a number of other software programs. Todays photographers have plenty of tools to be creative¬†with their photography, it’s very important that they not only know their cameras but also use all the software available to be able to compete with the rest of the creatives.
Here’s a video of an interview of Neil Young by Pete Rose in which Mr Young explains how he comes to compose a melody.

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