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Nothing Is Written In Stone

Nothing Is Written In Stone

In photography and art, nothing is written in stone.
The rules that have been established for photography are not written in stone and you don’t have to follow them as if they were the 10 commandments.
Sometimes they can be applied and sometimes they should not be applied.
We all want a perfect world made of mathematical perfectness in which we don’t have to think or stray out of a given path, that’s what 99% of people do because we are trained to follow the rules and if you do not follow the rules you will be punished by the rule punishers.But it just so happens that all the artists of the past have broken all the rules and created new and very personal ones and then they call them a style.
The photographers that don’t really care what other photographers think of them, they are the ones who will experiment, and then the traditionalist will try to bring them back into the flock arguing that nobody can or may stray away because it’s forbidden by tradition.
My thinking is if you follow the┬árules and tradition that everybody else is following then guess what your photographs are going to look like, (answer) like everybody elses. So be bold and brave and don’t follow the rules, make your own.

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