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Jay Maisel

Jay Maisel

Audio Interview of Jay Maisel done by Chris Orwig of

It s Not About the F Stop Jay Maisel

I read Jay Maisel book “It’s not about the F Stop” and saw all his interviews on Kelby one website and there is so much learning information on everything he says that i have to go back and read it again or watch the videos again,but you can see why the man has been a success in photography , the reason is he does not follow the crowd, he is a free thinker,his approach to photography is unique,and it’s obvious in the videos on kelby one because he is interviewed by Scott Kelby who has a traditional philosophy of photography and maisel does not,so you can see the clash of traditional thinking to Maisels revolutionary thinking.


Traditional thinking
Develop your photographic style

Maisels Thinking
Don’t get stuck in a style evolve

Traditional Thinking
Plan your photographic shoot

Don’t plan, it’s an adventure of discovery

Traditional thinking
Go to a photographic school


Don’t waste you time in a school,better read ,immerse yourself in art,study the great artists of the past,become an interesting person.

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