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How to Be Creative in Photography

How to Be Creative in Photography

Tradition, the established way of doing things or the established correct way of taking photos , the rules everybody is suppose to follow are your enemy,that is if you want to be creative. I am not saying that the rules and traditions are bad, i am saying that if you constraint yourself to only those parameters you are restricting your creativity. To be creative at times you will find it necessary to follow the rules but at other times you will find it necessary to not follow the rules, in other words be free to do whatever you want in photography.
The enemy is not using anything that can be used with rules or without rules,most of the time the photographers that are creating new images are not following the rules.
I’ve know people that can not function outside an established way of doing things or taking photos, they just will find themselves lost without the rules that they believe in, so their photos turn out to be a replica of what others are doing, just one more photo in the millions.
(About The Photo i call “The Lady In Red”)
Taken in 2015, i was walking on the Oceanside Ca Pier and i happen to see this very well dressed lady with this great looking blue sunglasses sitting on the rocks that are just below the pier where the pier meets the sand,under the pier, she was gazing at the waves  crushing against the sand,probably enjoying a moment of meditation while the very soothing sound of the waves accompanied her thoughts,after i took the photo i also went down the pier at a different location (to not disturbe the lady in red) and proceeded to enjoy the sound of the waves.

Here’s a book that i really enjoyed reading , its called “Ignore Everybody” by Huge Macleod

It will give you the perspective of what creativity is really about and it will direct you in the right path to being a creative person.

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