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How Much Do Your Photos Weigh

How Much Do Your Photos Weigh

The weight of a photo is how much information a photo has, the image is by itself information. So your photo will be better if it has enough information to satisfy the viewer. Most photographers are now realising that beauty is not enough, a beautiful landscape photo is still attractive but a landscape photo with some deers will be better, or a landscape photo with a house on the prairie will be more interesting, and so on.
A simple photo of a person in the street will be more interesting if it is adorned with a few shadows and the story of the person, who she/he is and what is their story, for some people a photo of the person in the street with a story will be more interesting ┬áthan the beautiful landscape that you don’t even know where it was taken.
Some photographers refer to weigh on a photo to the balance of the elements in the photo, but i don’t, i am referring to the content of the image, in other words what the photo is about, the action in the photo, isn’t about the story in the Photo? Well, the stronger the story the more weight it will have and the more weight the better.

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