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How I Made This Website

If you like this website i can make you your own website just like this one,(for a very minimum fee of course).
I have been making websites since 2006 when i got laid off of my job where i thought i would be working there for years to come, actually i thought i would retire while working there, but that did not happen, the economy and other situations forced the company to lay off employees and i was one of those laid off.
So after looking for work everywhere and only finding companies that were laying off people instead of hiring i did the only thing that i could, go on my own as a self employed .
My expertise was and still is apart from photography is neon sign manufacturing,so i decided to start my own business based out of my home,that is why i started to learn how to make websites , after a few internet courses and about 3 months i built my first website in December of 2006 , that website by the way is still live till this day, i made it because i knew a business needs a website to advertise its products and services, i didn’t know then how important my website would be in the future, i thought that a website was like a business card or an electronic flier, but what turned out to be was the main source of my sales, it was like my 24/7 sales person , it eventually became my main source of income.
It sells products and also gets me service sales, so a website is the way to go,if you need one i can help.

Here are other websites that i have ;

If you are interested in having your own website please feel free to call me (951) 306-6628 or E-mail me to
and i will help you with your website.
It doesn’t matter what you do for a living you need a website,most people that do not have a website don’t know of the importance of a website, it’s not until they have a website and they start to promote it and it begins to have an audience that they finally realize how important a website is and that is because they start to see how many people are calling them thanks to their website.
Example #1.

You are an employee of X company, you have X position , and you have a website, your website will not be a personal website but a professional oriented website, you will still put a little of personal life into it but the main portion of your website will be about your position what you have done , what you are doing and what you plan to do in the future, in other words it will be a resume live for anybody to see, anytime 24/7, if you are planning to move to another company, you can send your resume in a pdf form and also a link to your website, believe me the website will impact the most.
This website is good for anybody that is employed , even for people employed by the government.
Example #2
You are an electrician,plumber,handy man,house cleaning lady,mechanic,etc etc. somebody that is a self employed
If you do not have a  website you are letting money and jobs go by, everybody is now using the internet to find all types of services, if you are not on the internet with a website you are being left behind. Some people have told me “Oh but i am on the yellow pages and they put you on the internet, or i am in Yelp . yes that helps but it’s better if you have your own website to be able to offer your services directly to your customers.Also if your website is just like your business card that will not be as effective as if you put a little of yourself on the website , people that get to know you thru your website will trust you and that will make the sales come in, if you feel you already know the person a little you will feel better to hire that person.

Who uses the internet for services

Almost everybody uses their phone to look up the internet for everything,they don’t use anything else, so if you don’t have a website of your own you are living in the past.

If you want a website but you are not the type of person that likes to deal with computer programs and similar things then i can help you build your website and once built you take over the controls.

How Much Does It Cost

You have to buy a domain name , that’s the , it costs $12.00 for a whole year,then you have to renew for another $12.00 for the next year.

You need to pay for a hosting account, hosting is provided by a company like Hostgator who will put your website live to the world, price is $6.96 a month or you can also pay on a yearly basis.
And if you want me to build your website there’s a small fee depending on the size of the website and for that we would have to talk.

(951) 306-6628

Thank You


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