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¬†Okinawa Japan is a very small island in the¬†Pacific about 300 miles south of the main Island of Japan,this was our first time in Japan so it was a very exciting trip for me and my Wife, first impression you get as soon as you board the plane, which was a Japanese plane, is the courtesy you are treated with,and from then on all thru the trip we kept seeing the same courtesy even on the streets of Okinawa. I was fascinated by the japanese culture and behaviour, they are truly very civilized, i liked it so much that i am planning on taking another trip soon. Our amazement ended when we returned and had to go thru customs at the Los Angeles airport and were faced with a very angry customs agent that said”Didn’t you read the instructions, it’s just one form of customs declarations per family not per person,he was angry because i made the mistake of filling two custom declaration forms instead of just one for my wife and me, first thing i thought was “Now i am going to go to jail for sure” but the guy just said NEXT, so we just went our way.
Were back home now, and i really started to think that it would be very difficult to live in a place where you don’t even know what the signs in the streets say, or you don’t know what people are saying, the only thing i learned was “Arigato Gozaimasu” that meant Thank You Very Much , that was it .

One thing that always happens to me is that for some reason i always regret not taking more photos, so i wished i had taken more photos.

Maybe next time.

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