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Freedom To Photograph

Freedom To Photograph

I am talking about mental freedom of photographing whatever way you want, without preconceived ideas, to be free as a bird, some people think you have to follow some rules and if you follow them your photos will be good, that’s very far from the truth, you can have a perfectly illuminated subject with all the correct rules applied and still be the worst photo ever. In many photo magazines or website, they tell you that the camera does not make the photographer, but they don’t tell you that following the rules of photography will not make you a good photographer, so them what will.
It’s the combination of factors but the most important is your subject, if your subject by itself is not outstanding or interesting in some way no matter how many rules you apply the resulting photos will be bad.

1st characteristic a good photo should have.

To be interesting, to be outstanding, to be unique


 If and only if you have this 1st characteristic obtained then you can go ahead and see if the rules will help or not, sometimes they do sometimes they don’t.
3rd is editing your photo, in today’s world, the editing programs are very important, they will give your image life IF you don’t use them you are leaving a big part of what photography is in today’s world, sometimes the editing in Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop or the other programs out there will make your photo be noticeable or not.
Some photographers for unknown reasons are enemies of Lightroom or Photoshop, they have a multitude of reasons but the reality is that photography without those programs is incomplete.

What makes a good photo mainly is;

  1. Your mind
  2. A camera
  3. Your subject
  4. lightroom
  5. photoshop

That’s it.

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