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Creativity in Photography

Sissors2The photo above is of mr. scissor hands, photo taken on hollywood blvd. i did donate to his dedication in becoming mr scissor hands,i always donate to this people because they do look a lot like the character in the movie, i also donated to Superman,Cat women,but by the time i got to Marilyn Monroe i was out of cash so i could not donate to her , but she was an extraordinary beautiful lady.

Creativity in photography is the ability to come up with new photos, creativity in todays terms has a very similar meaning as “Different” and it doesn’t have anything to do with  beauty.
99% of photographers are after beautiful photos, in whatever type of photography,and the result is an overwhelming amount of beautiful photographs, so many that they are not unique anymore, you can just google sunsets or desserts and you will get thousands of extraordinary beautiful photos, so many that you will get an overdose of beauty and the consequence of that type or overdose is that you and everybody else will not appreciate those types of beauty anymore,they will be considered just one more of the millions.

As a consumer of photographs that is a good thing because if i want to buy a photo of a sunset to frame it and put on my livingroom i will find tons of them and almost free, but on the side of photographers that is not good because having so many photos of the same thing will dilute the importance of the photo.

So it’s a waste of time to add one more photo of a landscape or sunset to the already millions out there, so here is where creativity comes in , you have to find a new way a unique way to take photos of things that have not been photographed before, and they don’t have to be beautiful.
But you say “Everything has been photographed already”  Well that is the wrong start, because new photos emerge everyday that nobody had seen before, but there is no way around it you have to put your creative mind to work hard and wake it up to look for a new way of photographing.
Your mind is your first obstacle, you have been trained by the books or magazines to see in a certain way and part of the creative process is to bring down those pre conceived implanted patterns of how a photograph or photography should be , an example of creativity is mr Brandon Stanton and his website “Humans Of New York” he was not a professional photographer,he probably did not fill his head with the concepts of other famous photographers , nor did he follow a certain type of photography, he just went out and did what he liked to do without thinking much about it, and now he is famous and filthy rich,or at least he can pay the rent of his apartment in NY which they say are incredibly expensive.
If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff.Jim Richardson”

He said interesting stuff not beautiful stuff , just beauty is interesting but interesting stuff beats beautiful stuff,and so on and so forth, the thing is to break with your own frames of mind,learn to see in a different way and start by standing in front of things that are interesting to you, and stop being one more of the millions of photographers that are like robots taking pictures of the same things,i also am learning how to get rid of the traditional photography, i believe this is a constant thing to do, you can not say “I have arrived , now i can rest and take it easy” i think it’s a constant search for new things, new ways of photographing,a never ending search for uniqueness.

An advise from mr Hugh Macleod in his book “Ignore Everybody,and 39 other keys to creativity”

“Don’t try to stand out from the crowd; avoid crowds altogether.”

Train yourself on how to liberate yourself from the traditional ways of thinking,read books like the one above, that’s the only way to be able to start on a creative approach on photography.
I truly believe that we should bring down traditional beliefs and structures and rules and regulations in order to liberate the creativity of so many people that have been negated their true being.You have to boldly go where no photographer has gone before and declare war on the established traditional photography, bring down the rule of thirds and the rule of lines and bring to life the rule of no rules and be free at last to be you.

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