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This page will contain a list of books i have read and recommend, i will put only the books i found to be useful , i am always buying books about photography and creativity and i will only recommend the ones that really say something worth reading and that you can use.

It’s Not About The F Stop By Jay Maisel

Another great book that will change for the better the way you see photography, Jay Maisel has discovered what makes a great photographer and he says it’s not about the F stop.

Excerpt from the book
“There is no “way.” There is no “right” or “wrong.” It’s all about the way we have been shaped by the literature, movies, paintings, music, and anything else you can name that has influenced your attitude. Different people look at different things and say, “That’s lovely,” or “This is garbage.” You’ll never be able to get any three people to agree on anything in terms of validating art.”


Ignore Everybody by Huge Macleod

This book is not about photography it’s about creativity and how to acquire that very elusive quality so much needed in photography or anything else you do in life, very interesting read.

Storytelling With Photographs by Anne Darling

Very good writer and knowledgeable photographer, in this book she writes about how to turn your photographs into interesting photographs by telling a story .

“Going Pro” by Scott Bourn

What does it take to take the leap from a hobby to a professional photographer, Scott Bourn will enlighten you with his experience of more than 30 years as professional photographer .

“Steal Like An Artist”   by Austin Keon

This book is not about photography but it sure will help you in your creativity as a photographer. This book is about creativity and how artists of all types go about in creating new work and how they use their creativity and how they do it.

“Street Photography:a concise guide” By Anne Darling
If you are interested in street photography this is a great book that will enlighten your search for information on this type of photography

“72 Essays on Photography” By Scott Bourne

A big book with a small price , this is something you don’t see much, a very valuable book for a very low price, this book is worth much more because it gives you very usefull and practical advice on how to get better on your photography.

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