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A little bit of history;

Juan Ortega Photography dot com
Juan Ortega in 1974

My interest in Photography started in the late 70s (it actually started in the 60s) when a 35mm film camera just happened to fall into my hands, back then i only shot black and white, which i developed myself, that was my only choice because shooting in color was too expensive.
Now i am able to shoot whatever i want thanks to digital cameras.
I have thousands of pictures of black and white old 35 mm film that are stored in boxes that i plan to bring back to life and put on this website.
I was once asked “Why do you take photos?” and i found myself trying to answer the question and i couldn’t,it’s strange but i don’t know why, but it’s a pleasure doing it and i can’t stop.
(Update 12/24/15)

I just found out one of the reasons i take photos, the reason is because it’s my excuse to meet people,and why do i like to meet people, because i feel i am squeezing more life out of life,for some reason i feel that by meeting people and having a conversation with them i am living a much richer life.
You could say it’s a desperate attempt to try to live more by enriching my life with knowing people.

Juan Ortega 1974
Juan Ortega 1974 (Selfie)

Juan Ortega 2017

Purpose of This Website

  • The purpose may change as time goes by because it’s really about discovery, not only to discover what’s out there in the world but also to discover what i can do with photography, so you could say it’s a continuing discovery on photography and an adventure.
    What i am doing is going after what is joyful to me and discovering new joys along the way , that is why i say the purpose may change.
    One of my joys is to go to different cities here in California and discover what ever there is to discover, i am blessed to live here because there is an enormous territory to discover and i don’t think there will come a time when i could say i am done searching in southern California.
    I wish i had the money to travel to other cities like San Francisco or New York, maybe in the not so far future i will.
  • The other joy i have is talking to people, and getting to know somebody in the region i am visiting, i have always tried to chat with people i meet in the street or anywhere, but i didn’t do that with a camera in hand, and i will be doing that (Chatting) and taking photos now and posting their story here.

I also do other things , you can take a look at my other websites here   “The Neon Sign Guy”   ” The Neon Glass Bender”   “The Photography 101 site”  “The Neon Sign Guy Store”  “Neon Glass Bending”

About the BLOG section ;
This section will be about the people i meet wherever i go and their stories, like everything else here in this website and in my photography it’s in a constant evolution, i don’t know what i will integrate into the blog in the future , it’s a mystery, even to me, i may integrate videos , or a specific project of some kind , it’s a continuing discovery of interesting things, that is my goal, i take mr Richardsons advise and will try to make every photo interesting and not boring.

A quote from mr Jim Richardson and you could say a new rule of photography “The main rule that useful pictures have to follow is “Don’t Be Boring”
don’t ever be boring,be interesting, and if a picture is interesting,then it can break all sorts of rules, except that cardinal rule “DON’T BE BORING”

Jim Richardson

Hope you find this Photographers blog interesting